The Tourist Attraction of Curitiba

Planning on taking a trip to Brazil anytime soon? One place you should definitely stop on your journey, is in the city of Curitiba. This city is the capital of the state known as Paraná. It’s littered with so much scenery, beautiful terrain with many landmarks and must see places.

Seeing that the city is inland and doesn’t have a beach, that minor shortfall is made up for with the plethora of activities to do which will keep you entertained right through your visit. There’s so much to choose from, it can get troublesome to pick one because you may want to experience them all. Here are a few of the places you will find interesting.


Let’s talk food first and foremost. Curitiba’s food district is one that takes a little from all around the world but the Italian heritage is strongest. If you’re into French cooking, there are upscale French restaurants including the Table De France, the Batel Grill which is known for having some of the best Brazilian churrasco and the Le Voleur de Velo among many others. Generally in fact, you have food options to fit just about each taste. If you are a real foodie and you wish to try a bit of everything, then go right ahead! Or if you wish to get fresh produce and cook up your own storm at home, farmers markets are also available.

Shopping Estacão

You should not come all the way to Curitiba and not do any shopping. From the thirty shopping malls that are available in the city, when you plan to start, your best bet is Shopping Estacão. The name of the mall which translates to station, boasts over 180 stores to skip through and buy a few things. But wait, because there’s more. Besides the stores, the mall has a bowling alley, a food court to grab a bite and a host of museums if you want to catch up on a bit of the history while picking up souvenirs and so forth.

Botanical Garden of Curitiba and Greenhouse

This particular garden is one that contains a wide array of beautiful plants ranging in size and specie that are indigenous to Brazil, which makes them even more special. However, beside this treasure chest of flowers, there’s a magnificent greenhouse structure located in the garden as well. The official name of the garden – Jardim Botânico Francisca Maria Garfunkel Rischbieter, was constructed from iron and glass and was inspired by London’s Crystal Palace.
This bubbling little city has so much to offer you from food, to history and there’s also the sites. Coming to Curitiba is one of your best choices and without a doubt you will not regret your experience in this lovely city.

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