São Paulo

If you are excited by history and nature, Sao Paulo in Brazil is the ultimate place for you. Largely a city of immigrants, and immersed in cultures and history, Sao Paulo is has the most educated middle-class population in Brazil due to its diverse ethnicity and remarkable industrial development.

Geographical and Climatic Conditions

Sao Paulo is situated about 70 Kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and is 800 meters above the sea level in the highland plateau. It is a humid sub-tropical climate area. Sao Paulo experiences the summer from December up to March during which time there’s a lot of rainfall. The city generally has favorable temperature year-round.

Transport in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo harbor’s Brazil’s Guarulhos International Airport, which is the busiest in the country. The airport serves many outbound and inbound domestic and international flights. Also, the city also has a smaller airport called Congonhas which mostly serves domestic travels. If you wish to go to other parts of Brazil, Sao Paulo gives you the luxury of this beautiful local airport.
You can also go to your destinations by bus. Its main bus station is called Rodoviaria Tiete. If you, for example, choose to travel by bus to Rio de Janeiro you’ll spend roughly 6 hours on the road. For your movements in the city, you can opt for taxis or just use a bus. I suggest the Metro buses.

The Districts of Sao Paolo

Your visit to Sao Paulo should not end without you visiting the city’s numerous districts. One such is the City Center. It is a historic district which will give you an excellent picture of the past commercial and industrial development that have been in existence since the last Century.
You can also pass by the Vila Madalena district. It has rich culture that you will most likely find interesting if you are into culture. It’s famous for its high number of artists, musicians, actors, and other celebrities. Vila Madalena is also known for its exceptional art since most alleyways and its walls are decorated with spectacular graffiti.
Jardins is also a great district to visit. Being Sao Paulo’s most affluent district, you will not miss out on fun. It has numerous palatial residents and gorgeous greenery. Madalena is your ultimate area to sample Brazilian dishes, relax, and do your shopping.

Other activities

You can walk the streets and avenues of the city’s Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assis for a lovely view of elegant architecture that gives you a feel of the only remaining Portuguese empire remains. Also, visit the Saint Benedict Monastery to have a classic experience of high culture. You may want to visit the many museums in the city too. The Museu de Arte Sao Paulo Museum is worth checking out. It has numerous fine art like those of artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet.

Places in São Paulo

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