Armação dos Búzios

Armação dos Búzios, often referred to as just Búzios, is a resort town and municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. With a population of 23,463 inhabitants (2012 estimates), the city is regarded as a worldwide tourist site, especially among Argentinians and Brazilians. Búzios gained popularity as an international tourism destination after the French actress, Brigitte Bardot visited and spent some time there.

Today Búzios is a popular tourist place for visitors from all over the world seeking a beautiful place to relax and have fun. Búzios offers a diversity of vistas and terrains that meet the needs of all kinds of tourists. The Peninsula is a wonder of nature, with beautiful scenery and soul-soothing calmness. The east coast, facing the open sea is wilder and draws surfers and water sports enthusiasts from around the world, while the west coast beaches offer calm, clear waters and beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular beaches popular among both locals and tourists are Azeda, Ferradura, João Fernandes and Armação.

Búzios has a tropical climate and temperatures in the southern hemisphere tend to vary between 30°C during the months of November and February, and the mid-20s from May to September. Ocean breezes are widespread throughout the year. Common outdoor activities include tanning or lying in the sun, snorkeling, scuba diving and such like.

Dining, night life and other things to do

Due to its high number of foreign visitors, Búzios offers a variety of culinary styles. Unleash the foodie in you as you take advantage of the beautiful restaurants, where you can choose from French, Japanese, Thai authentic Brazilian dishes.

If you happen to be a sea food lover, you’ll want to try out Satyricon – one of the fanciest restaurant in Búzios, which specializes in sea food. Other famous restaurants you can visit include Sollar, located in the beginning of the Orla Bardot, which features the renowned Italian chef Danio Braga. Chez Michou is a cool place to eat French-style crepes and drink caipirinhas in town.
The nightlife in Búzios is absolutely amazing. In fact, the nightlife is something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on, as it’s one of the major things the city is known for. Get you groove on and party your nights away at some of the more famous clubs and bars such as Pacha, Privilège, Zapata and Anexo. In fact Buzios’ main street, Rua das Pedras, with its abundance of bars playing live music has enough variety and options to give any visitor a busy nightlife.

Away from the restaurants and nightlife, there’s lots of other stuff for you to see and do. Points of interest include Praia da Ferradura, Praia da Tartaruga, Praia da Armação, Praia Rasa. The main sights in the place include Capela de Nossa Senhora Desatadora de Nós (Chapel Mary Untier of Knots)

Overall Búzios is a nice spot. With its warm breeze and abundance of beaches to choose from, this city is a small paradise for vacationing, relaxing, connecting with nature and having fun. Lots of fun!