As you consider your next vacation may I suggest the city of Manaus. It is the capital city of the state of Amazonas and situated at the head of the Amazon River. With its rich forestation and green surroundings this is where you’ll find the Meeting of the Waters, a natural occurrence of the rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes which parallel each other and finally meet to begin the famous Amazon River.

In the heart of the city you’ll find many beautiful buildings filled with the rich Brazilian heritage and unique architecture with a Portuguese history influencing everything you find there. If you’re fortunate enough to be there at the right time you can take in the annual opera events at The Manaus Opera House, a truly enchanting piece of Renaissance architecture.
After enjoying the wondrous sounds of the orchestra and singers you can walk across the street and wander through the local shops. These local businesses have a beauty all of their own which should not be over looked. There is so much to see you could get lost taking it all in.
But the first thing you’ll want, of course, is a place to stay. They have all the amenities of a rich and vibrant city from the usual hotel chains to less familiar, local boutique hotels that are just as good and which enable you to enjoy local hospitality and the unique culture of the people.

If you’re not the city type or you’ve seen all you can take then you can travel to the northwest where you’ll find the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke, a forest reserve where you can travel through the reservation and enjoy the natural beauty of the Amazon forest. The thick dense greenery filled with the animals you always dreamed of seeing and hearing. This allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds you’ve always imagined with the Amazon without having to travel great distances into the forest.

For the foodie in you, rest assured that you will find plenty to tantalize your palate. There are many restaurants throughout the city that provide rich and enticing menu options. One especially alluring location you may wish to check out is the Picanha Mania. They serve local favorites like cassava, and their meat menu is apparently not to be missed, if the reviews by previous patrons are to be believed. Being the largest city around, Manaus has all the amenities you’ll want from Pizza shops to fine dining. The only limitations are your own imagination.

River boat cruises are also available. Everything from 1 day tours of the city and local to 3 day cruises down the Amazon. Depending on your plans and budget you can enjoy a quick sail and look around or you can take in an all inclusive travel trip. It’s all up to you.

With all that being said if you’ve always wanted to see the Amazon then I highly recommend a stop at the head of the river in Manaus. One for the bucket list and a sight to you won’t forget!


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