Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia is home to some of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. It is also the perfect destination for you to experience Brazilian history and culture. It is located north of Rio de Janeiro, and should definitely be on your itinerary for your visit to Rio.

Salvador city is known for being friendly and as a result of this, it has acquired a title as the Capital of Happiness. There’s no any other place that a traveler will find as interesting as this city that provides an array of Brazil’s culture and history, plus options to have fun soaking in the sun. The city was the first colonial capital of the Portuguese empire and was also formerly Brazil’s capital. The city’s upper sector is where one of the largest collections of colonial architecture in Latin America can be found, and you might want to explore these. The city alone offers a great illustration of Brazilian, European and the African influences, an environment of rich cultures and unique customs.

Seen as the Afro-Brazilian City of Brazil, Salvador de Bahia is undoubtedly a great destination to experience a one of a kind sub-culture in Brazil. African cultures and customs have blended with the local norms to give rise to a fun and distinct atmosphere. Those who happen to be visiting Salvador during February are sure to have an enjoyable moment as they take part in a number of cultural activities that the city has to offer, including the yearly carnival festivities that unite the community in song and dance. The samba parades and the festival’s dances characterized by lots of merrymaking and partying couldn’t be a more perfect way to have a feel of Salvador’s vibe, to say the least.

Salvador is home to a range of Brazil’s top rated beaches and an assortment of parks. With over 30 miles of coastlines, Salvador city ensures everyone who wishes to find a spot in the white sand is accordingly catered for. If you enjoy surfing or sailing or love to watch people either surfing of sailing, you’ll find many opportunities for this, especially in Porto de Barra where most water activities take place and is thus regarded as the best spot for such things. If snorkeling is your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you have many options to explore the underwater life lurking beneath the clear blue waters.

Off the beautiful white sand, there are also fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Go to one of the numerous recreational parks scattered all over the city and enjoy some sightseeing. With a wide range of attractions, ensure your Brazil travel plans do not leave out a visit to fun-packed Salvador de Bahia.