Federal District

Brazil’s Federal District is located in the Central Plateau of the Brazilian Highlands. The Federal District is divided into 31 administrative regions, and is home to Brasília, the capital of Brazil with its high rise buildings, and well-developed and excellent infrastructure. The Federal District covers a large area of Brazilian state, approximately equal to the Tokyo or Hawaii.

The Federal District is a warm weather destination, so it is appealing to heat-seeking visitors and tourist . There are spells of heat and humidity during the noon hours while the evenings and nights tend to get pleasant due to the high elevation. Winter is not harsh, bringing only a pleasant winter chill meaning you could still enjoy many long hours on the beaches. You should visit the place any time between April and July as the temperature gets lovely and the place gets greener. On your trip, a visit to any or all of the following places will greatly improve the quality of your sightseeing experience and they’re certainly worth seeing.

The Parque da Cidade:

this is the city park, pretty much like a national park ,which is situated on a land with over four million square miles. The tiled work and landscaping enhances the beauty of the place. This park not only offers a place to relax and enjoy the greenery, but also provides lots of options for children and adults such as cycling, riding and playground with swings for children.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia:

The cathedral has a unique architectural structure which makes it different and worth visiting. It has a circular and horizontal outer structure with pillars that make a crown-like shape and is beautifully decorated with glass work. The location of the cathedral at the Eixo Monumental mall means you can easily kill several birds with one stone – visit the remarkable cathedral, shop to your heart’s content at the mall, and enjoy a lovely meal at one of the many eateries around.

National Theater Claudio Santoro:

Catch live theater plays and concerts at the national theater. A lot of local plays and dramas are performed there on the weekend nights and throughout the weekdays as well. You could also plan your trip in October and November when there is a cinema festival which screens local and international films.

Poço Azul:

This is a jaw dropping waterfall with fresh green water that falls on a quartz rock from a great height.
Getting around to all these and other places is easy – you can hire a car, take a local taxi or rely on the strong subway network to help you get from place to place in a matter of a few minutes. Owing to its scenic beauty, the Federal District should be on your list of places to visit during your visit to Brazil.